Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm going to AFRICA!

Hey guys! Whats happening? Today we got back from Victoria, it was sweet. Most of the week was focased on our upcoming trip to South Africa! This guy from Zimbabway talked to us about its history and what to expect and stuff like that. It was neat. Then we had a meeting tonight, and we watched the video of last year's site's trip to SA. Ashley says hi. It was AMAZING! It became so much more real to me, that I'm going there to see giraffs and hold little black babies. It was phenominal, I almost cried through the whole video. The black people singing, the harmony! Oh it was FANTASTIC! I am so beyond pumped (and completely frightened) to go. I know already though, that I am completely going to fall in love with Africa, and every single child and person there, and that totally scares me. The thing that frightens me the most is coming home after Africa. I know I am going to be in the biggest funk of my life and that freaks me out. I just hope that I can take this whole thing one step at a time and enjoy every individual day. I'm also concerned about packing...Marcus said last year he didn't take hiking boots! I was like, why spend $160 on boots that I'll hardly wear? So dumb. That was frustrating. And hey, we get to learn to Gumboot dance, and it looks like so much fun! I'm super pumped. There is so much that we'll learn and get to do! I can hardly even wrap my mind around it. I am just so completely excited that I had to e-mail you as soon as the meeting was over. WOW! I'm going to Africa!! I can't believe it! This is intense!
In other news, all the boys here are shaving their heads. They feel so soft, everyone keeps rubbing their heads. Zach just shaved his, and its the softest thing I've ever felt. My black is fading but my hair still looks black. I'll send a pic home of it when I can. I really like it! Anyhoo, on Saturday night we went to a U of Vic basketball game and guess who they played? Brandon Bobcats!! It was insane! And they played really well too! I was like, small freaking world, eh? So that was cool, and at half time, they had Gumboot dancers! It was so cool! I was like, we were meant to be at this game! It was just crazy! Anyways, that was neat. We also went to a Rememberance Day Service at Royal Roads University (where they are filming X-Men 3!!) and it was beautiful, outdoors, and pouring rain. We got pretty wet (well my upper half was dry due to my rain coat) but it was nice and the trumpet player was amazing.
Well Mike wants on the computer so I should go. We have a free morning tomorrow which is sweet because I slept horribly at the hotel. So that will be nice, and we have class in the afternoon. Well I'd better go, I love you guys!

P.S. Henk e-mailed me! He's doing good and loving school!
P.P.S. Hey Jordan, I just bought a Jackson 5 Christmas CD and that its AMAZING!
P.P.P.S. Alysha (this totally fun girl who reminds me of KB) and Larissa (I love her) read mom's letters for me and they're both like, "I love your mom! I feel like I know her already!" It was cute! And I shared my Craisins, they were a big hit. Plus I invited all the Winnipeg to come out for a weekend some time after Outtatown is all said and done. They are super pumped to go to Hal's! :)