Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh, be careful...

i thought today for the first time in a long time about the song we sang in sunday school as a child:
oh be careful little eyes what you see
oh be careful little eyes what you see
for the father up above is looking down in love
oh be careful little eyes what you see
oh be careful little lips what you say...
oh be careful little ears what you hear...
oh be careful little hands what you do...
oh be careful little feet where you go...
i thought of this song today because someone sent me an email that i wish i could remove from my memory.
it was prefaced as a "don't text and drive" email, and showed a series of photos of a smart car that was essentially inside a semi. the driver of the smart car was supposedly texting and crossed the centre line. it looked as though the semi had eaten the smart car - there was really nothing left of it.
there was a warning that the photos were graphic, but i thought the worst thing i would see would be some blood on the highway. i mean, the pictures of the car itself were graphic enough. and considering the person that sent it to me (an elderly person), i never thought it would be that bad.
well, it was that bad, and worse. the only way i can properly describe it is to say that i feel ruined. i was unprepared for close up shots of the smart car driver, who had been sliced in half from the accident, and (i assume), dead. you could see his face. one picture was of his face, and another was of his lower half.
i am sure even just describing that give you chills. well seeing it was worse. i almost vomited. i gagged over my garbage car at work, like i was there in person and had seen the results of the accident. after the initial shock wore off, i drove home and thought of the lyrics to that sunday school song. oh how i wish i had been careful enough to never see that! now the image is burned in my mind. i spent the day feeling as though i had gone through an ordeal. after bawling on terrell about it for half an hour, i had a long nap and the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes was that guy's face. i can't believe that is just out there on the internet. that is someone's SON and that is just being sent around all over the world as some kind of gore pornography. that makes me almost more sick than the image itself.
and so i am reflecting on the song, and though its simple and childish, it still rings true today. we put ourselves in places where we see, hear, do, and say things that we shouldn't. sometimes its not our fault, like today. and sometimes we let it slowly get to us, like listening to depressing music when we feel sad which only makes us feel worse. we must be careful, because not only is God always watching us, but because He wants to protect us from these things.
i wish He would have slapped His hands over my eyes today.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

can i have this dance

i have a question for y'all.

what do you think about this song? listen to the piano part. its really pretty. what about the words? i think they are actually quite nice.

i am mildly toying with the idea of having this play as i walk down the aisle. i just really think it sounds happy and lovely. terrell wants me to walk in to the theme from 'the holiday,' as its one of our favorite movies, but ashley walked in to it and i don't want to steal that from her.

so let me know what you think. my only hesitation is because of what movie the song is from...if you don't know, please listen to it unbiasedly and offer your opinion before you look it up.

also, again, sam tsui is incredible!