Monday, July 31, 2006

Road Trip!

So this weekend I went to Winnipeg with Brynne. So fun! And not scary. We drove through the city and everything and never got lost. It was sweet! Plus on the way home we stopped in Plumas (!) to see the church where we used to practise for The Show. That was so awesome, we took pictures with the sign. Here there are for your viewing pleasure, along with pictures of me pumping my own gas (!) and see how I got it on $20.00 exactly? I am amazing.
EDIT: Okay so my comp is being dumb, I will attach the pix when I can.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feel the Love

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The Best of Benji & Donyelle

So Benjelle, as they are so affectionately called, pretty much rock my socks, they are so in love. Watch this beautiful, special, pecial movie about them and you'll agree!

*thanks Taylor for the video*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Birthday Silly-ness

Pick the month you were born:
January - I kicked
February - I loved
March - I smoked
April - I bought
May - I choked on
June - I murdered
July - I did the Macarena with
August - I had lunch with
September - I danced with
October - I sang to
November - I yelled at
December - I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1 - a birdbath
2 - a monster
3 - a phone
4 - a fork
5 - a thong
6 - a gangster
7 - my cell phone
8 - my dog
9 - my best friends' brother
10 - my neighbor
11 - my science teacher
12 - a banana
13 - a fireman
14 - a stuffed animal
15 - a goat
16 - a pickle
17 - your mom
18 - a spoon
19 - myself
20 - a baseball bat
21 - a ninja
22 - Chuck Norris
23 - a noodle
24 - a squirrel
25 - a football player
26 - my sister
27 - my brother
28 - an I-pod
29 - a permanent marker
30 - a llama
31 - my retainer

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
White - because I'm cool like that.
Black - because that's how I roll.
Pink - because I want to be popular.
Red - because the voices told me to.
Blue - because I'm sexy and I do what I want.
Green - because you smell.
Purple - because I'm cool.
Gray - because I was drunk.
Yellow - because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.
Orange - because I love a challenge.
Brown - because I was high.
Other - because I'm a ninja.
None - because I can’t control myself.

Now type out the sentence you made as a comment for me!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun Weekend

So I was in the 'Peg this weekend. It was fun, I drove there myself all by myself! So that was exciting and really easy. I got to my sister's on Friday around 3:30, and we had supper and went mini golfing with her boyfriend Tyler's family. I definitely won if thats what a high score meant - ha ha ha. Anyhoo, then we hung out at his parent's house and I met his brother who is super funny. The next day I hung out with Tyler all day, it was sweet! We went to The Flag Store, where I bought a nice sized SA flag and a pin and some stickers. We were in there for like half an hour or more, we're such nerds but it was fun. Then we got some 7-11 slurpees and watched Clue at KB's house. After that we cruised the Outtatown website and I showed Tyler the pictures from out site. Then I made us supper (grilled cheese) and we watched Sleepover. I love that movie! The brother makes that film, its awesome. Tyler totally enjoyed it, I could tell. We picked my sister up from work and went to the St. Vital Mall and watched "Lady in the Water". I know, many people will say that it sucks, and they have reason, I'm sure. But I totally liked it! It is nothing like the previews or the trailer. It was such a feel good movie. It had good characters, who all bonded together while figuring out their purpose in life and you rooted for them. The ending was good, I love Paul Giamatti, and thats that. Anyhoo, on Sunday we went to church with Jono, who's swell, to this place called Soul Sanctuary. I liked it, I'd go again. Lunch afterwards was hilarious - BEV! And I almost spewed many things out of my nose, it was great.
Then on to Open Mic, the OT reunion bbq thing. So fun! So cool to see so many people who I love and missed. Everyone looked great! And we all hung out and talked and ate and it was so fun. And Blayne Griener remembered me! He called me Sparkplug! It was excellent, I found out that Jared and Janice are going out, and that was good. We went out for ice cream at Sargent Sundae and then hung out at Zach's house. That was sweet, hanging with Allison and singing with Janice. I also got to talk to Terrell on the phone which was sweet b/c it was our 4 month anniversary yesterday. I felt almost like he was there, being on the phone with him around everyone else. That was great. Allison drove me home and I came home this afternoon. It was sweet, and I only have 9 more days of work! Whoo! Have a great week everyone.

Monday, July 17, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance?

I love So You Think You Can Dance. I'm addicted. It is my favorite show, ever. I love the contestants, oh my word. Like Ivan and Allison? I can't wait for them to get married, they are obviously in love. That contempory dance they did to Annie Lennox was astounding, I was moved. And Donyelle and Benji, so cute, they just adore each other. I must say I also love to watch Travis dance - its very natural for him to move the way he does. And his hair is stellar. I am really rooting for these guys, I feel like I truely care for them. I laugh with them, cheer with them, cry with them, and feel genuinely like a proud mother when they succeed.

I need to get a life.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Au Revoir, Kevin

It is with great sadness that I report the latest BSB news - Kevin Richardson has quit the band. I think its best to hear it in his own words:
"After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life. Howard, Brian, Alex and Nick will always be my little brothers and have my utmost love and support. I would like to thank the Backstreet fans for all the beautiful memories we have shared together and look forward to including you in the next phase of my life. I wish my brothers continued success and look forward to their new album.”
Well I think that stinks. Why are they even continuing? I can totally see why he quit though, I mean the man is 34 and probably doesn't want to be called a 'boy' anymore, but still. Oh well, Brian was always my favorite one anyway. Apparently lots of fans are angry about it - I must say I'm glad I got the BSB obsession out of the way in grade 8. Otherwise I would be traumatized.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I So Hate Consequences

And I'm good, good, good to go - and I'm good, good, good to go! I got to get away, get away from all of my mistakes. So here I sit looking at the traffic lights. The red extinguishes the hope that the green ignites. I want to run away, I want to ditch my life cause all of my mistakes keep me awake at night. And after all of my alibis desert me I just want to get by I don’t want nothing to hurt me. I had no idea where my head was at but if my heart says I’m sorry can we leave it at that? Because I just want for all of this to end. And I so hate consequences - running from You is what my best defense is. Consequences...God, don’t make me face up to this. And I so hate consequences - running from You is what my best defense is cause I know that I let you down, and I don’t want to deal with that. It just now hit me this is more than just a set back and when You spelled it out, well, I guess I didn’t get that. And every trace of momentum is gone and this isn’t turning out the way I want. And after all of my alibis desert me, I just want to get by I don’t want nothing to hurt me. I had no idea where my head was at but if my heart says I’m sorry can we leave it at that? Because I just want for all of this to end. And I spent all last night tearing down every stoplight and stop sign in this town. Now I think there might be no way to stop me now, I'll get away despite the fact I’m so weighed down. All of my escapes have been exhausted. I thought I had a way but then I lost it, and my resistance was once much stronger. I know I can't go on like this much longer. When I got tired of running from You I stopped right there to catch my breath. There Your words they caught my ears You said, “I miss you son. Come home.” And my sins, they watched me leave and in my heart I so believed the love You felt for me was mine - the love I’d wished for all this time. And when the doors were closed I heard no 'I told you so’s'. I said the words I knew You knew; Oh God, Oh God I needed You. God all this time I needed You, I needed You. And I so hate consequences, running from you is what my best defense is. I hate these consequences cause I know that I let You down, and I don't wanna deal with that. Relient K.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Gummy Hotdog


Is this even food? I mean what does this do to a person's body? Thats so wrong! I'm only a little concerned that children all over North America are consuming these as we speak. But really which is worse for them? These or actual hotdogs?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Saturdays

I love Saturdays in Strathclair in the summer. You can hear the buzzing of a lawn mower steadily from about 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The air smells like freshly cut grass and BBQ. The temperature is so warm, but there is a nice breeze so it is bearable to sit outside. People are watering their gardens, their grass, their flowers. Wearing fun woven sun hats. Kids are everywhere on their bikes, all over the road, on the side walk, racing down to Hal's (or J & P's) to buy popsicles or buy a coke. Main Street is busy with people taking advantage of the day and buying the week's groceries, filling the car with gas and getting their mail. Old ladies are getting their hair done. People everywhere are stopped on the side walk, catching up and seeing how everyone's week went. They start in twos, but soon end up in clusters of four or five. People are walking everywhere, just enjoying the day. And there are always two trucks parked in the middle of the road, the drivers lost in conversation about how their fields are doing, gas prices, and whether we need more rain or not. There are puddles on the road from sprinklers, and birds and squirrels sassing each other in the trees. Children haul eachother around in red wagons, and there is a general sense of relaxation and peace in the air. And whether you are heading out to the lake for a swim, or driving home on the ride on lawn mower, you will be sure to get a huge smile and a wave from all you meet, because this is summer in Strathclair.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Will I? by Ill Harmonics

Will I truly make for myself a name? Will I ever excel in this game? Will I ever really be who I be? A person, a Christian, musician, emcee? Will I ever truly be set apart from the world that controls all the sounds of my heart? Will I ever really make it without going pop? Am I truly sold out to God or hip-hop? Will I ever find the balance of the two in between? Am I whack cause I dig Rage Against the Machine? Will I make it to the point where I can be me? Will heads like me if I'm dissed by a dope emcee? Will I love, will I fly, will I rapture, will I die? Am I dumb, am I numb, cause the apple of my eye is the sound of the found, do I search for a pound? Am I down if dat ain't found when turned around? Will I grow, learning to do better in my sessions? Am I whack if I break down and take guitar lessons? If I don't use metaphors, will rhymes be silly? Will they really? Will I truly make for myself a name? Will I ever excel in this game? Will I ever really be who I be? A person, a Christian, musician, emcee? Here I am askin' all the questions of life. Do I love her enough to really make her my wife? Will I ever fall just one too many times that I lose all my skill, thus affecting my rhymes? Will my actions ever match up to my rap? Will I make one hit and then fall off the map? Am I not a good enough emcee for my God? Cause my rhymes ain't the best but I still try hard. Will I be looked on as the opposite of good? Cause a middle class white-kid don't come from the hood. And the ghetto, I ain't really that familiar with. Should I throw in my mic and towel just to quit? If I changed one decision with one human being would I still be practicing this art of emcee'n'? Am I a musician if I play the MPC? Not really. Will I truly make for myself a name? Will I ever excel in this game? Will I ever really be who I be? A person, a Christian, musician, emcee? Will I reach the full potential of my plan? If I turn around is there two prints in the sand? If I lost a battle rap would I still have fans left? To sing and play guitar, do I gotta be Clef? Am I doubtin' His word if I stop to think? Will my pen one day just stop producin' ink? Will I think of rhymes just to one day stop? Is a head a head if he likes more than hip-hop? Will I?
This song is by Ill Harmonics, this white rapper I saw at Sunshine Fest in 2001. He was awesome! Download this song, its sweet and funny.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Feet

My feet are so nasty. Calloused, hard, blistered and gross. Dry and peeling. Tired, sore, sometimes ticklish. Deformed by a horse’s hoof. My toes are so messed up, some of them turn in, some of them turn out. They are too long, like fingers that got misplaced and ended up on my feet. And my feet are so stinkin’ huge I trip on them all the time! They are constantly cold and sometimes blue-ish as a result.

But my feet have danced. In jazz shoes, in socks, sneakers. Barefoot in the rain. Onstage. In my kitchen. They’ve walked on beaches, on gravel, on broken glass. On and off airplanes. Hiked mountains in hardcore hiking boots. My feet have saved lives. Seriously, whether they were running for help or being grabbed while the rest of me swam towards rocks at Mdumbi, they’ve assisted. They’ve supported me when I really needed them to. They’ve walked through Kliptown, being stepped on by little children. Been coated in paint. They’ve been washed by loving hands. They’ve been penetrated with sand and kissed by the ocean. They’ve run, free and swift. They were trampled during small group challenge; they’ve climbed trees. Jumped the leap of faith and rappelled down a waterfall. They’ve taken me to seven different countries in one year.

I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Ok, so yesterday I went to Brandon with Brynne and Henk. We saw "Over the Hedge" which was somehow funnier the second time. Man I love that movie! It was a fun day, hanging out and not being scared by Henk driving. Then we went to Wal-Mart and I got the new Billy Talent CD (totally good!). It was only $12 too, so that was sweet. And I got this killer t-shirt - this part is the part that offends me.
Definitely picked it out of the plus-size section. Now I'm not really upset that I bought something 'plus' sized, I'm mostly irritated that a shirt that size would be considered 'extra' large. Its not even large at all! What is up with society? No wonder girls feel fat and hideous most of the time, if a normal sized shirt is considered extra large!
And on ET they were counting down the favorite 'all-American' in celebrities, and number one was definitely Jennifer Aniston. I am SICK of her! Sick of reading about her, hearing about her, seeing her stupid face in magazines, just SICK of HER. What has she done, with all her money and fame? Complained, played a victim. What about helping real victims, Jen? What about all those kids dying of AIDS and starving b/c they have no parents? Those kids without shoes, living on gang-ridden streets? What about those kids in Kliptown, the ones who have nothing yet possess everything? Look around you, North America, there is more to life than what Jennifer Aniston said about Angelina Jolie or what she wore yesterday. That sickens me more than anything.

Saturday, July 01, 2006