Tuesday, April 14, 2009

time sucks.

sometimes i really hate time.
only because its the most reliably unrealibly reliable thing.
its reliable, because, well, its time. its set. it doesn't really change. 60 seconds per minute. 60 minutes per hour. 24 hours per day. and then it starts all over again.
so really, it should never be faster or slower. it should just be.
but in all actuality, it is rather inconsistant. because if it is supposed to be set...
how come when everyone i know is studying and i don't have to be time drags on forever? how come it seems to take millions of years for our 75 minute choir rehearsal to wrap up? why does it seem like hours for my tv show to load on my computer?
because time slows down sometimes?
then how is it that hours can pass when i feel like i just started a conversation with terrell? when i only have 20 minutes to finish an exam? why do i wake up exhausted every morning, feeling like the sun shot up into the sky quicker than it should have?
because time speeds up sometimes?
i really wish it wouldn't. i wish it would stop. not because i don't want to graduate, not because i don't want to write my exams. and not because i don't want to pack up my apartment.
(even though, in all honesty, i am really not looking forward to those last 2 things.)
i wish time would stop because every time i look at a calendar, i feel sick. every time i see how rapidly the end of april is approaching i want to cry. each night when i go to bed i cannot breathe. because each hour that passes is one hour closer to the hour that terrell drives away and doesn't come back for 4 months.
but of course, time will continue to speed along as usual. and then the summer will arrive and time will seem to stop, each minute equilavent to an hour.
i hate you time. you are really unfair.