Thursday, October 16, 2008

i heart the hoppers.

so on tuesday night terrell and i went to a hoppers concert at grant memorial. it was basically amazing!! holy crap, they were mind-blowingly incredible and it was great to hear them live.

here is a video i took of them singing "jerusalem". it was basically the best thing ever. i only wish i had taped more songs, especially "yahweh" and "o holy night". so enjoy, y'all!

also, afterwards we went to their merch table and chatted with them. mama hopper even gave us a deal on two cd's and a dvd. it was amazing. what a great night!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

apathetic is a pathetic way to be.

so i haven't really felt like myelf lately. i mean i've been fine, actually doing really well lately, but something just feels not quite right and i've had difficulty understanding it.
i figured it out today.
today was a political forum. the candidates representing the 4 parties were there talking about their platforms and why we should vote for them. the campus was all abuzz. all i had heard all weekend was talk of politics, what everyone is passionate about and why they are voting for so and so.
i haven't been able to talk politics; partly because i don't know much of anything, but mostly because i frankly don't care at all. and i know i should, its important, but i just don't care.
i went. i listened. i laughed a few times. i felt uncomfortable sometimes.
but nothing changed. i still don't care.
i was pondering why this was that i had so little interest when it hit me.
i have been lost to apathy.
yes, i admit it. i am apathetic. and not just towards politics.
i used to be a passionate person. about god, friendship, life, music, even school sometimes. i had many passions. and now i feel like i have none.
i know what i should be passionate about. i am just not.
i have lost my passion.
its really weird and annoying. its not how i want to be, its not who i should be. but it is largely who i am now.
its just so much easier to be apathetic. easy to not care because then no matter what the result of anything i am left unaffected.
apathy is a scary place to be. its scary because it is so easy to get stuck here.
so i guess i am writing this so i can be held accountable to not be apathetic, and get out of this rut.
also i am really just writing this out to make more sense of it.
thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


so i realize i kinda died with the 40 day challenge thing. the truth is i did in fact complete all 40 days. i was journalling them and then typing them, and by the end of the summer i just got too darn busy to type them out! if i didn't feel just as lazy now and could find the last few days, i would do so. so sorry everyone, i really enjoyed it and it was a great summer of blogging.
i will admit i haven't blogged since then out of shame. although i am busy i hope to periodically post little thoughts here and there when i can. this blog is my baby, and i refuze to let it die!
well thats all i really have to say. hopefully i'll post again soon.
love to all.