Friday, March 16, 2007

a little confession

so...i like jojo.
yup, i said it!

she is so pretty and mature for her age (she just turned 16!) and has a good voice too for such a youngin'! i like her songs, they are usually cute and age appropriate. so yeah, i watched this music video of hers and thought i'd post it on here for all of you who secretly enjoy jojo as well.

I definitly learned a few things from this video:
1. "Its what you do, not what you say." Flirting with another girl when you are dating is not cool. JoJ0 says it like it is, telling her man he's 'disrespectful'. Man is she mature or what?
2. Don't accept large stuffed animals from your boyfriend because it looks awkward to throw out when you break up.
3. This is for all the men out there - don't treat your woman like poo, or else you will fail at everything in life, even the things you were once good at!
--terrell and i went to the ballet on tuesday. check this out.--

Monday, March 05, 2007


let me just say this first - i HATE blogger!!! man it is one annoying operation! i DO NOT want to switch to google blogger, but the old blogger won't even let me sign in. i fought for 20 minutes to write this - NOT WORTH IT! man!
anyhoo, my life has revolved around plans lately.
homework and schedule plans.
ukranian christmas plans.
mom and dad visiting plans.
one year anniversary plans.
and summer plans.
the dreaded time of year.
it means no friends, no terrell, crappy job.
BUT! i have been making some plans.
and i am praying that they work out!
like for summer jobs - i hope to work at MYJC again.
i think i can do a better job this year, and they pay good, good hours.
AND! brynne is applying to be rec assistant!
so we would work together in the same office! and she would be home!
and i would have a friend!
man that would be amazing, and she'd be good at the job.
so i am so praying for that to work out!!
also, plans to go to terrell's this summer, and see scott on the way!
and see wicked in chicago! and spend like a week at terrell's!
its almost too perfect, and too much to handle.
so i am praying for that too.
i feel a peace about that stuff now.
i think that this is god telling me to trust him with stuff...
well i am hoping so anyways.
if brynne and i get those jobs this will be the best summer ever.
i hope my plans and god's plan are somewhat the same.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

come and listen

i revisited david crowder band's 'a collision' album today.
so good.
i forgot how much i loved it.
i need to get to blessings and spend some of my birthday money.
i don't know what i'll get.
maybe 'b collision', that would be sweet.
or a book?
i feel like i am so out of the christian loop.
i miss the good old days of audio a and dc talk.
they were always my first pick.
well them or skillet or earthsuit.
now its like....?
i don't even know who's out there!
i need to get out more i guess.
i think when i go to blessings i'll take terrell.
he knows his stuff.
now to find the time to go...

OOH! i forgot to mention that last week terrell and i played in a cpac mixed doubles tournament. it was pretty crazy - lots of teams from other schools and cmu's president gerald gerbrandt even made an appearance! anyhoo we did good - we got third out of ten teams. everyone said it would either make or break our relationship and i must say, after almost a year we're still going strong. :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Only Need One!

Is there any way to work off a double chin?
I lose weight and yet it remains.
I hate it!
by the way sorry for the lack of posting; blogger has been ticking me off lately and i have been swamped at school - a really bad cold, assignments due everyday (including a 3500 word essay!), RA applications, and outtatown friends visiting. its been crazy! i hope this month will be less crazy.