Wednesday, April 27, 2011

never say never.

ok so tonight a great and willing friend of mine went to see justin bieber: never say never with me. i have always liked justin - a cute canadian who had actual talent, and doesn't seem to be an idiot who does bad things and is a good role model to kids out there. also, its really just SO refreshing to have someone in the music industry who actually has TALENT and has worked hard to get where he is. he didn't have famous parents or a disney channel show to get him fame - he worked his butt off and his own musical talent got him where he is today. all he tells his fans is to chase after their dreams and not let anyone tell them they can't achieve them. and he plays like 10 instruments, and really cares about his fans. i gotta say, if this was 10 years ago i would feel about him like i did about bsb. he's like bsb, the way the fans are just CRAZY about him, whether 3 years old or 50 years old. and i get it. the movie was so good - it was incredible to see his journey, his family and friends so proud and supportive of him, and see him goofing around like any 17 year old would. if you have any desire at all to see it, DO. i want to see it again. i almost cried like 4 times, mostly because his family was just so proud of him. and i love all his crying fangirls, who just bawl because he exists. i can relate all too well, ha ha!

speaking of crying over j. biebs, here is the cutest video ever. the first one is an adorable 3 year old who was having a bad day, who claims she is crying over justin bieber because she loves him so much. second video is her getting to meet him, possibly the cutest thing ever because she is SO HAPPY. she just leaps on him and then happily clutches his hands. so cute. enjoy!

Click to see a 3 year old crying over Justin Bieber. Then watch the following video:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

when i survey

i cannot handle this version of this song. so beautiful. be blessed this easter!
he lived just to die for our sins and rose from the grave to live again!


probably the best easter song ever. i love how it goes through jesus' entire life.
i get chills and cry almost every time.
i can also hardly watch this without crying because mama hopper starts crying. :'(

Saturday, April 16, 2011


for many, many years, i was obsessed with pickles.

although my love of pickles was exclusively to the dill variety, i lived on them for a lot of my childhood, snacked on them at potlucks, and of course, crammed myself full of as many of my baba's as i could fit inside of my stomach.

pickles got me through studying for exams, gross meals at the caf, and 3 am walks with friends. when we got together, we could easily polish off a big jar, the three of us, no problem!

alas, a few years ago, i lost my love of the pickle.

i still liked pickles as a friend, but i just couldn't eat as many as i used to.

perhaps it was that time i choked on the juice of one at the pancake house...i was really never the same after that.

i passed on them at potlucks. i neglected them because sadly, i think i overdid it for about 19 years.

lately, however, i have been craving pickles SO BADLY. terrell said we were out and i nearly cried. i frantically tore the pantry apart until i found the final jar we had - it was small, with baby dills inside. i polished it off myself in approximately 3 minutes.

we went shopping today and i bought some (i know) because i couldn't possibly wait until the weekend to get more. i didn't eat lunch before we went so i could (what else?) eat pickles for lunch! okay, maybe a grilled cheese sandwich too.

so, i don't know how, i don't know when, but my love returned to me.

this means that i'm either:

a) pregnant


b) the pickle fast is officially OVER!

**hint....its b.....

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I have always loved music. The last few years I have hardly listened to any, however. I think living with roomates at school made me want to be respectful of their likes and dislikes, so I just didn't listen to any. It made me fall a little bit out of love with music. But lately I have found myself really enjoying fantastic songs that are either sung well, have great lyrics, or both. So here are some of the songs I can't seem to get enough of lately as I re-fall in love with music (in no particular order):

1. Oh Me, Oh My (Imogen Heap) - I love this song, especially the part in the middle where she sings, "Oh God, are you there? Are you there? Are you out there? Are you there if so where are you hiding? I'm having trouble finding you." I don't know how she means it in the song, but its such an emotional part of the song for me, and I love how she just belts it out.

2. Candlelight (Imogen Heap) - This is such a beautiful song. I love the piano. I actually dream of performing this song somewhere, playing the piano and belting it out. I actually think that if I found out I only had a few months to live, I would force Glenn to learn this, and we would sing it somewhere, in front of friends and family, maybe at the Bend Theatre. That would make me happy and would be something I would want to do before I died. Morbid, I know. Sorry.

3. Need You Now (Glee version!) - I really didn't like this song when it came out by Lady Antebellum. No offence to them. The lyrics are kinda dumb, oh I'm drunk, come to me! But for some reason hearing this version made me hear it in a new way. That, and I love Puck's voice - he is amazing! Sing more on Glee!!

4. That Should Be Me (J. Biebs & Rascal Flatts) - I really enjoy this, because I love RF, and yes, I like Justin too (he has a really great voice!). Well sung, enjoyable, and yeah, its so catchy I just keep listening to it!

5. Alone (Heart) - Probably the best song of all time. It will never, EVER lose its magic to me. She is so so so amazing! The best voice ever! During my apathetic music days, this song got me through. It bothers me that kids these days only know this song because of a crappy cover, especially when this one is so fabulous. Love you Heart, and love the exploding piano in the video!

EDIT: Ann's still got it! And Carrie is just unbelieveable! Oh my WORD. Check this out!