Thursday, October 28, 2004

When the Trumpet Sounds...

I am tired, and my mouth hurts. But today was actually kind of fun! I got to play with the BU Wind Ensemble. And I sat beside my sister's friend Andrew, which was sweet. And I was also greeted by her friends Jeff, Alissa, Clio, Sarah, and other Jeff. It was awesome. I like her friends, they seem to like me! LOL! Yeah we played two really hard songs and they sounded good. The second one I could actually play! And I saw some Westman people. Norah, Jon, Erin and William were there. Oh and Sarah too. And I saw my cousin's girlfriend Cydney, and she's really nice and like this amazing trumpet player! We talked and it was fun. Plus we went to Pizza Hut, and I mean it doesn't get any better than that! But it was really foggy on the way home, and I am exhausted so I'm going to bed.
'Night all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Hey all. Once again, I have a killer migrane, what up with that? Today was an ungood day. I felt like everyone was ganging up on me. I hate those days, you know? Anyways, yeah whatever I am so over it. Oh, my poor head! Mom and I spent all night working on my collage for LA. Its amazing. I'm seriously really proud of it. Its big and cool and all about The Stone Angel. It almost makes the book look interesting! A miracle! Anyways, I should go rest my poor aching head. I have a big day tomorrow! :S I'm slightly freaking. Well more on that later!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Okay, so my head feels like its going to explode, but I thought I should post at some point today. So hello. Today was a reasonably good day. I did alot in math, made up with Brion, and had fun in art (a first!). So yeah. I want to e-mail people but just can't. Looking at the screen is killing me as we speak. Or as I speak. Whatever. So bye all! :)
P.S. Happy Birthday Al! 19! Whoo!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Good Times!!

Oh my gosh! Tonight was SO MUCH FUN! I went to the Drama supper and all these Westman and Drama people were there! Aaron, Lindsey, David, Trevor, William are from Westman and Suzanne, Dana, Ashley and Julia are from Drama. It was so much fun! We ate and looked at pictures, and then we snuck out of the meeting and everyone came to my house. It was awesome. David was offended by Hillary Duff's face being on my dartboard, and then he and William took turns playing the piano. And then we attempted to watch TV. We all just talked and hung out, it was awesome. Then all the Drama people left and we sat around listening to last years Westman CD. And we blared Under Pressure! It was awesome!! I had a sick amount of fun, I'm in a funk all over again! I can't wait for Drama, to see them every week and have a Drama sleepover! Yay! It was awesome and I got hugs so it was all good. I love it. I love all you guys!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Oh, Bill Gaither...

Hey again. Today I spent the day laying around mostly, which was nice because its not done very often. And my sister dyed my hair. Its a really dark (but still vibrant) red. Its quite exciting! Then we looked for a song to sing in church tomorrow. We chose "Oh How He Loves You and Me." It should be alright. Then we all watched Bill Gaither videos. It was awesome! I actually really like those movies! The people are so talented, I just feel all WOW about God just listening to them. Especially the one guy from the Bill Gaither Band, he's crazy. His voice is like a trumpet or something. Speaking of trumpets, I should practice mine tomorrow. But yeah in general it was a fun day. I should go to bed, though. Night all!
I get to see Aaron, David, Lindsey, William and Trevor tomorrow!! Yay!!

Home Again...

Hey again. I'm home again, home again (Jiggity Jig) after spending the night at Brynne's. We stayed up until 5 am watching movies and old Backstreet Boys music videos. It was so fun! I haven't done that in forever! And Mean Girls is a really funny movie! We also watch Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights, which was so good!! Oh my gosh I totally loved it! I thought the ending sucked, though! Diego Luna is like the hottest guy ever! Wow! And Pam came in this afternoon and we hung out, which was awesome because I haven't seen her since August. We all put on this putrid red lipstick and kissed each other all over our faces, which was hilarious! It was totally fun. Kristin braided my hair and now I'm here adding a lovely post to my blog. Anyways I should go. Night all!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

My Routine

This is my routine every day at lunch hour:
11:50 - Get home
12:00 - Listen to Under Pressure (Queen and Bowie - the best!)
12:05 - Make lunch and dance like a moron in the kitchen
12:10 - Eat lunch and check e-mail
12: 20 - Post on my blog
12: 35 - Go upstairs and do math, leaving Kazaa on so songs can download
2:00 - Come downstairs, disconnect
2:05 - Go back to school

See, I do get work done at home people!! I'm not just farting around!
I seriously do the exact same thing everyday!

Burn that Fat!

Oh, Richard Simmons. Hey all. So tonight I went to rec basketball at our school. There was like, 4 of us there and my principal. It was fun, though! I haven't done cardio like that in forever! I was so exhausted after like 20 minutes. I'm gonna be feeling this tomorrow! I've never been so sweaty in my life...well not since that dance class in Rossburn with Brynne! Ooh, the Latin boy. :) Hee hee. Anyways, my feet hurt and most likely smell, and I'm tired so I think I'll head off to bed early. And I apologise for my constant posting, its just that I have no life and its SO FUN! Yay, no school on Friday! Its a good thing! Brynne and I are going to watch The Passion of the Christ, and I am going to bawl. Yay!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This Sucks!

Ok, so I now I seem to have severe mouse-o-phobia! I'm totally freaked out to go into the pantry now, lest another furry creature tried to maul me! Seriously! Like I have eaten a little bit for lunch, but I really want a granola bar, but am scared to get one. I'm such a retard! But yeah, even being in the kitchen is unpleasant. I keep stomping my feet just in case one is around, hoping I'll scare it away. Know what I've decided? I can never see that movie, "The Grudge." The Ring was freaky enough and apparently its scarrier. Plus I do not need to be afraid of my house, especially because I'm alone in it so often! So yeah, no Sarah Michelle Gheller for me! Especially with that frightening Japanese child that meows like a cat! Uhh!!
Yay Halloween is coming up! Candy and costumes! Good times!
Better go do some math!


I made this picture for art class. I had to make it in the form of expressionism, and this is what it ended up looking like. Its actually a bunch of distorted pictures of my late Baba Kotyk. She was the coolest lady.

Sleep is GOOD!

Hey hey hey everyone! Today I was SO TIRED all day! So I got home from school and had a nappy poo. It was sweet! I am in such a weird mood right now, so excardon me Julivia! LOL! I am so sorry about this, as the deer panteth! Okay, I'm good now...
So anyways yeah today was a career fair, and I'm really excited about the Christian Mennonite University in Winnipeg. And my mom wants me to go! So how awesome! I'm gonna apply really soon. I'm very excited, and nervous too. University is scary, just because I feel kind of unready. I feel so little! But I'm also excited to go and have this amazing experience in this amazing environment and meet these amazing people. I'm feeling really positive right now! And my mom is watching That 70's Show, which in itself is funny! And I shrunk my picture, so it looks better. Green eyes? What? They look black on my computer! LOL anyways I'm gonna go!
Toodles noodles!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Thank you thank you thank you Rob!!! He helped me put up a picture! Yay! Its a little huge, though, so I think I'll most likely change it, but all the same, I have a picture on my site! Yay! I'm am so happy. One small victory for Jannakind! Thanks to the help of Super Rob!
The picture is of me and Aaron by the way, so perhaps I should've mentioned that. Hee hee!
I saw Doug and Paige tonight!! It was very cool, but would've been way more fun if it wasn't freezing in the gym! Seriously our school needs a heater!
Anyways, oh my gosh, tonight I was on the phone with my uncle and was digging around in the pantry for some chocolate chips and looked to see a mouse crawling across my hand! I just about died! I started screaming bloody murder and ran into the kitchen and jumped onto the couch. Then I continued yelling for my dad to come out of the basement and set a trap. I was crying like a moron too. So I said goodbye to my uncle and watched TV under the security of an blanket. Yeah it was just discusting. Sorry Uncle Guye! I'll buy you a hearing aide when you need one. So yeah like 10 minutes ago we heard the trap snap, so hopefully we caught it. Eww, that was so gross, I can still feel his little feet on my hand!! Anyways I should go. Toodles!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ordinary Day

I have nothing really interesting to say, really, I just felt like posting. Today there's a volleyball game after school and Douglas is coming! So yay! We'll get to hang out! I hope it all goes well...and that Paige comes too. I'm sure she will. Its so cold in my house! I had ravioli for lunch! It was yummy. I should go do some math, and I still have some crap to get together before I go back to school. Anyways, later!

Wow I apologise for my recent posts, they're pretty crappy and pointless...

Ow, my stummy!

Ok, so my stomach is so sore! Today there was a potluck at church, and I ate waaaay too much! Like there was chilli, perogies, cheese, pickles, buns, salad, fried chicken, veggies, pie, cupcakes, everything! And I ate so much of it! I'm still full and I'm about to go to bed! Then I had a nap and read "The Stone Angel" which is the dumbest book ever written. I dislike it immensely. So I came downstairs and watched some TV with mom. We are Desperate Housewives junkies! I love that show and tonight's episode was so funny! Ashley came over and watched it with us. Then I came online and e-mailed people, and thats really about it! This is so boring, I apologise for everyone who has to read it!
Phatty :)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Interesting Day

My blog sucks, I just wrote out a big long thing and it didn't post or save.

Okay so today I did math...and it was easy and...I actually thought it was kinda fun! What up with that? I mean me and math don't mix. But it was nice because I actually felt like I understood what I was doing, which I haven't felt in a while, so yeah. It was nice, actually, and confortable, up in my room listening to Avril Lavigne and doing something that made me feel smart and worth something. That hasn't happened in a while. Usually I just wander around like a big moron not understanding anything or why I do it. So it was nice to feel like I had a purpose. Well this is hardly making any sense so its time for me to go to bed.
Night all!
P.S. Maria sent me all these pictures of us looking ugly, it was awesome. And Tin Tin e-mailed me! I get to see him on Monday! So excited! Yay!

Saturday, October 16, 2004


I've been on MSN numerous times since Westman, but for the first time today I was on at the same as Aaron. It just happened a few minutes ago. And because I seriously have no life and nothing else to post, I'll post our convo:

I miss WMYC! Hardcore! I love you all! says:
Aaron says:
hey janna
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
how was your mcflurry? lol
Aaron says:
super bad actually
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
really? lol thats funny
Aaron says:
what you up to?
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
just screwing around, you?
Aaron says:
waiting to go to brandon
Aaron says:
waiting for my ride
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
really? good times
Aaron says:
with david
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
sweet deal
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
you guys gonna see a movie?
Aaron says:
yeah maybe
Aaron says:
rides here
Aaron says:
i'll email you
Aaron says:
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
Aaron says:
miss you
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
A week since Westman?? Crazy!! says:
miss you too!!!

McDonalds - I'm Loving it!

Hey! I just got back from a Christian concert! Our youth group went. The bands were alright. I couldn't really tell what they were saying, but whatever. I just love Christian concerts, that unity and total respect I feel for the artist who just go out there and give it all to God. Thats just awesome. That's what I wanna do with my life. There were some freaky people there, though. I got a shirt! Its cool! It says Recycle Junk Rawk on the back, which is sweet. I love it.
Okay so after the show we went to Dairy Queen, but it was closed. So we went to McDonalds and I got a sunday. I had been sitting there for about ten minutes when this girl came in and I was like, is that Darci? And then I saw this guy and was like, that can't be Aaron. You're silly.
And it totally was!!! He waved at me and I fought my way out of my seat to give him a massive hug. I mean just the person I wanted to see! How ironic! I just about exploded, I was so happy!! I was like, heck yeah! So I hung out with him in line and we talked about random stuff for like 10 minutes. Then we hugged again and said goodbye. I just love that kid. He's so cool. And I was totally happy to run into him! It was just perfect! I am so pumped now! It was totally great to see him, I missed him! So yay! It was a good day!

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Yay! Yesterday I made a special trip to Brandon with my friends to get my pictures developed! It was so fun and I saw Lindsey in the mall! She had just gotten hers developed, so we shared. Mine are so awesome! They turned out so well! I am obsessed with looking at them! I thought I'd better post one on here so I can stop complaining about it. Yay! I miss people! My pictures are awesome! This is the dumbest post ever! I'm gonna go!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


by: Me on October 10, 2004

I miss Westman
I miss Aaron so much
Hugging him
And watching him sing
David Bowie
To me.
I want a Simon hug
Right NOW!
I want a Becca knee squeeze
I want a Cori kiss and a
Maria laugh.
I want a David elephant joke
And a HARDCORE from Douglas (Tin2)
I want a Rick smile
Some Danielle tears, a Paige dance
Some Tony silliness, a sporkfest with Lindsey
A William squeeze, a Trevor high five
Evan's hat, Denton's grin
And watching Aaron dance
During Zungo!

Still Feeling It

Okay so today I went on MSN and there were like 3 Westman people online! We talked for like an hour! I miss it SO MUCH! And I checked my e-mail and Aaron e-mailed me. It was called I MISS YOU. I just about died. I totally miss him. And I miss everyone. I miss the constant hugging, really I do! Like today I just wanted Lindsey to be there to put my arm around and Cori to give me a kiss on the cheek and Aaron to link arms with and Maria to mouth "I love you" at me from across the room, and make faces at during shows. I am so funking right now. I miss Aaron singing at me. I miss giving out Hershy's kisses. I miss it all. I want to do it again! I actually made a list of stuff I miss last night and I'm gonna post it very soon! I will! I miss everything! I love all you guys!

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Well, this is my mopey I-am-depressed-and-totally-hardcore-funking post. Last night was my last night of Youth Choir...ever! I just bawled! I am so sad! Seeing these amazing people all day everyday for like a week and then suddenly being ripped away from that and being pulled back into reality is really harsh! I mean so many people that I just love! Like Maria! What a crazy girl! We talk about everything and always have so much fun, I just love her! And Aaron is like the coolest guy ever! He's so f'funny! And Tin Tin is like my hero. I totally hardcore love him. And Cory and Lindsey and oh my gosh Becca! I want to be her! She's so incredibly awesome! And Paige and Danielle, David, Trevor and William! Tony, Simon, Evan, other Paige and just everyone! Oh and Rick! I just love everything about choir and all the people. We're like a big happy singing family! Everyone is so comfortable, and everyone hugs and kisses each other because we're so comfortable together. There's always someone to talk to and hang out with. And the tour bus is awesome! Smuggling deserts and drinking tea, sporking, laughing about "the toilet" and wearing our Happening Ladies shirts...all such mother f'good times! I just and sad and I love everyone, and I will probably be back later to post more because I am feeling like 80 million emotions at the same time. I love you guys!

"When friends just can't be found, like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down..."

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Pumped Up!

Tomorrow I go on WMYC tour! I am so excited to hang out with everyone and make music again! I'm packing as we speak...kind of. I also am watching CSI, the best show ever. I watched Desperate Housewives and was quite intrigued. Mom and I have a new show, lol, but nothing can replace Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Thats totally our show. I wish it was on. Hee hee, sorry this is such a nothing post! I'll stop now!

Life is a musical!!

Back Again!

Sorry, I just had to post to say that I am so excited I added pictures! And I love Brynne's mom! Yay! LOL!
Okay so tonight my friend Brion came over for like 3 hours to do ELA homework. It was so fun! We just laughed and talked and got to know each other so much better than we did before. It was great. I really like having a guy friend! I mean I've totally been missing out all these years! And my parents liked him, and he liked them, and I just kinda felt like, "ha ha, I can have guy friends too!" LOL I don't know who that was directed at. I need to go to bed.
Night all!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Here I am...

What a Day!

Okay, so yesterday was so fun, and so unfun at the same time! My siblings were home for the weekend, and my sister streaked my hair...its orange! I am so excited! And I was mostly tired and trying to avoid doing my bio homework, and totally bummed that I couldn't go see a movie with my friends. Then they called me and said they'd pop over on their way home. They came in with Pizza Hut for me, and like got us all matching Halloween costumes. We're going to be fairies! It'll be so great. So we were having a ball and then my ex-boyfriend of like 2 weeks showed up to take my brother and sister back to university. That was awkward. We just hung out in the kitchen until he left. I still feel so weird about it, you know? Especially when he calls my house to talk to my sister, when he used to call and talk to me. But whatever. Then we watched stupid movies that we've made and planned a dance for spirit week. I am so pumped! It ended up being such a fun day! Duce, Nargus, I love you guys!
P.S. Happy skirt day!