Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the difference between men and women

saw a video of this on the news tonight - here's the story from the cbc website:

A British stuntman is still in one piece following what is thought to be the first safely executed skydive without using a parachute.
According to BBC News, Gary Connery, 42, wore a wingsuit to complete the jump, in which he reached speeds upwards of 125 km/h before landing in a pile of 18,600 cardboard boxes in Oxfordshire, in southeastern England. 
Connery, who has appeared as a stuntman in films such as Die Another Day and Batman Begins, jumped from a helicopter at a height of 730 metres and was equipped with a parachute but it was not deployed. 
The stunt flight took less than one minute to complete.

janna: well that was idiotic!
terrell: that was freakin' awesome!!!