Monday, June 09, 2008

the hand that holds the world.

No greater joy

Is there than this

To know for what

We're meant to live

To hold Your hand

To touch Your face

To find ourselves

In loves embrace

I want to stand before the King

Join in the song that heaven sings

I want to hold the hand that holds the world

I want to know the mystery

Reach out and touch the majesty

I want to hold the hand that holds the world

No greater love

Could be bestowed

That You would name us as your own

Your daughters sing

Your sons rejoice

They gather here before Your throne

You are, You are

The author of creation

We are, the children of your heart

You are, You are,

The light of all the heaven

We rise, to worship all You are

Sunday, June 01, 2008

la vie en leamington

well, here i am, approaching my third week in leamington, land of many tomatoes. in my time here i have seen many friendly faces, a heinz plant, a play, narnia, the town's biggest yard sale, approximately 14 episodes of jeopardy, 1.8 seasons of corner gas, and the bee movie. also, lots of sun, some lightening, beautiful flowers and an abundance of ice cream.
in other news, i have a job, a house, and a wonderful boyfriend who has wonderful parents who have taken such wonderful care of me and made me feel, well, wonderful.
sadly lacking in leamington are anyone under the names jody r. b., owen, m. b., kristin r. b. l., tyler l., jordan p. b., and one brynne k. h. if anyone has any idea of their whereabouts, please send them to leamington immediately.
also, if anyone has a cure to pre-first-day-of-work-nerves, please contact janna here.
over and out.