Monday, January 31, 2005

Goodbye! I'll Miss You!

Well this is basically a post to say that I will most likely be unable to post for the next 2 weeks. Life is carzy right now, with exams and math and grad pictures and everything. :( I apologise for my lack of posting and hope everyone will forgive me until my next post.
Now on to my weekend. On Saturday was my dad's 50th birthday! We planned this huge surprise party for him. It was the church. Everyone from the church was invited, and so were people like Henk, Brion and Brynne. It was pretty sweet. So all day we just layed around and I did homework all day and then we snuck off to the church to decorate. We made this huge banner that said "Happy 50th Owen" and we got everyone to write stuff on it. Dad seriously had no idea. He loves birthdays, so it was totally hard to watch him mope all day. We came home and he was all dressed up and ready to go, but then we just ate leftovers and watched the news. It was so sad! Then Jordan and Kristin and I said we were gonan go rent a movie, but went to the church to set up all the food. There was so much! People started arriving around quarter to six. Lots of people arrived and then around 7:15 mom and dad walked in. Everyone screamed and yelled "Surprise!" and dad was just beaming away! It was totally cool! Then we all mingled and talked and over 50 people were there and we presented the cake and Irwin prayed for dad and we had cake and ice cream. It was totally sweet. Then later Kristin got Henk cake but Ashley and I inhaled it before he sat down. Then we did it again with the next piece. Henk was like, "I'm gonna cry" and so was I because my stomach freaking hurt from all that! Then Pat and Ralph came and we all screamed. It was very cool. I didn't sleep until like 2:00 am and then we went to church the next morning. I was needless to say exhaustified!
It was totally wicked awesome and dad totally deserved it. He's the best! :) Then I did LA all day yesterday and math all night last night and that's what I'm off to do right now! Toodles!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wrong Number

Someone just called me and said it was a wrong number. Oops! LOL I HATE wrong numbers! They are so humiliating! Its like, wow I'd rather die than continue talking with you on the phone. And they're all like, Oh no problem, or sometimes they ask your name. Thats the worst. I mean smaall town, everyone knows everyone! So its awful! Anyways, I wrote my math exam and it went really well. I thought it was like, easy. I was happy, it was almost fun because I knew what I was doing the whole time. So that was all good and happy, but then we spent all morning filming our LA talk show, and then it was all screwed up and ended up not taping the good takes and just the out takes. So that blows. Anyhoo, I should go, work is done. Toodles!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Forgotten Music

Okay, so we happen to have a bunch of crappy '90s band on our computer. I totally listen to them tout les temps! Its a little sad really. Some of them aren't that bad, or at least they're cheesily enjoyable. So here's a shout out to some 90s bands that have become...forgotten music.

Does anyone remember these guys? They sang "Get Down" and "Go-Go" which are totally fun and absolutely retarded songs. The harmony just SCREAMS boy band! Its so funny, it reminds me of grade 7, back when these guys were new. They were totally not really popular then...I like them. They make me laugh.

Something about the B bands that caused them to die off or something...these guys are so cute! They're from the UK, so they were a typical boy band. Only with 3 members. The words hardly make sense, but the song "Ghost" is sung so beautifully, who even cares? And they sang "Out of My Heart" too. I think it was on a movie, cause I remember the video. No wait, that was "Still on Your Side." Okay so they had more singles than I remembered. But they're totally cute, and pretty talented. I wonder what ever happened to them?

Vertical Horizon
This band is like the definition of 2000. They were one of the first bands on the brand new radio station 94.7 STAR FM! Thats funny! I remember listening to them on the way back from the grade 7 field trip. They were actually good! I love the song "You're a God" its so awesome and catchy. And "Everything You Want" was huge in Westman for so long! I seriously really wonder where they are now...I really liked them! They still totally rock in my book. Their music should not be forgotten!

Other memorable bands and/or singers: Toni Braxton (who sang "He wasn't man enough for me"...if you listen to her deep voice you might take a stab at why!), Wide Mouth Mason ("Change"), Smashing Pumpkins (oh wow now thats an old one!), Shawn Mullins ("Lullaby" that was so not a song, he just said the verses...), Lifehouse ("Hanging By A Moment" was huge...I always got them confused with...), The Calling ("Wherever You Will Go"), Craig David (what a tool, I hated that "Fill Me In" song so much, almost as much as "7 Days"), Amanda Marshall ("Shades of Grey" was my favorite song for ever! Now I don't like her), Wave (what a sad sad excuse for a band...although I did see them in concert and met them too. I still say "Don't Say Sarah" killed their "career"!) And so many more, but I'm outta time and energy to type them out!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Random Thoughts of the Day

Everything sucks when people quit drama, Pizza Pringles and chocolate milk = worst breath EVER, bacon and eggs rock and should be consumed daily, A Beautiful Mind is a sad sad movie, Mario Kart is fun, its too cold outside to exist, church is fun, old people are cute, secrets are the best, the only way to win Mario Kart is by actually knowing who you're paired up with lol, black fingernails are the best, hair is annoying, glasses fog up too easily, flirts are annoying to be around, boys can act weird, and they will always laugh at the word booby not matter how old they are, Cass' grad dress is pink and I'm excited, Relient is the best band of all time, Aicha is the funniest thing of all time, my grandma's car is a treat to drive, grandma is short, a house looks empty without a Christmas tree, CD burners rock, retainers are smelly, my head it constantly itchy, drugs are stupid, layering clothes is the way to go, skater shoes are hot, staying up too late on a Saturday night = an unpleasantly exhausting Sunday, God rocks my world and finally, fried chicken will cure a choking victim everytime!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Get the fried chicken!

Ah! I apologise for my lack of posting! But really, between the provincial LA exam and prepping for our art gallery, I have had zero time to be posting. The exam went well, I think. The theme was appearances. I hope I did good. I was really happy with my written assignment. SO yeah...
Alrighty, so my weekend was totally good. On Saturday I called Cass and we talked for like 2 and a half hours. It was totally awesome, we just laughed and talked and had a totally wicked good time. I miss her. I gotta go to her grad, and she's gotta come to mine! I'm so excited! Then on Sunday was Drama, and I saw all these people and had a great time! Aaron told me that my teeth looked "lovely". I was happy. And David is the freaking funniest kid ever! He was talking about Ashley playing b-ball and how much he wanted her to dunk it. Can you believe I've been in Drama for 10 years? Thats more than half my life! Thats insane. I can't believe Cody just turned 17. I mean I'll be 18 in like a month. A month yesterday! Crazy! Wow. I like being 17, its been my favorite year thus far. But hey when I'm 18 my teachers have to give me all my school stuff and can't give it to my parents, which is funny. Especially because I'll most likely show it to them anyways! Ah, adulthood. So not ready! I guess I feel pretty grown up, and I'll have to grow up to go to South Africa...
Well thats all I got time for. Talk to y'all soon!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Okay so the past two days have been good and bad. Last night was totally fun! Dingus and I went out for supper, and read the Miss Lonelyhearts stuff from the paper and talked and laughed like two huge idiots! Then we sang DC-10, and I called the newspaper the dictionary. That was funny! And we dicussed the "NO MORE PICTURES" moment. Seriously, if we were watching it at home, would we have yelled it? Together? In unison? Was it the Red Bull? Was it the sugar? Was it the excitement of failing a bio exam and then driving to Brandon in the Gremlin and staying up too late? Maybe we just shouldn't watch movies together, at least not in public...
Then I felt really awful last night, my mouth hurt. So I went to bed really early. Then today I wrote a stupid open book bio test, that I'll most likely need "divine intervention" to pass. LOL it wasn't too awful I guess, it was just BLAHHH. A bio test. Then art was just art, and I got a headache from all the evil paint fumes, and it was funny watching Jannelle paint in anger, lol. Then I went to work and came home and showered to get ready for my first drama rehersal! I was so excited (wow there's a really retarded Ashanti Herbal Essences ad on TV right now). So I got all prettied up, and went, and then there was no one there. Seriously, all the people I wanted to see, like my Westman crew, was non-existant. I wanted to cry. Brynne told me I smelled good, and I told her it was wasted. It was also SO BORING and gross because its like Jim hitting on Jackie, ew! And so we left at the break cuz we were tres bored. Then we spent half an hour throwing snow chumks at a snow bank on the roof trying to get a bottle that was stuck up there down. It was freaking hilarious! And cold. So Sarah left and Brynne came here and we drank water and watched the Festival tape. Wow we were all like 5 years old, Henk looks so little and I look so NASTY! Wow! Then she left and I read some of the play to mom. Then I came on here to e-mail some people and post. And here I be. And I just found out that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston split up!!! NO!!! This is so awful! I'm sad, there were an adorable couple that I really wanted to last! :( So that killed it. And I'm exhausted and going to bed - my parents fell asleep watching a CSI rerun.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Everything and Nothing

Wow, I have no idea what to say, so I'll just ramble. Maybe something significant will come out after all this. So tonight I am all alone in the house, currently listening to CSI: Miami and talking to Kyle M about being 18 and with Brion about having colds and how they SUCK. And Kyle just told me that uber was my word, lol thats funny! I haven't talked to him in forever. Okay so last night I had this dream that Chris Moffatt died. It was awful! I was talking to her in the hallway and then all of a sudden I hear that right after our convo she had a heart attack and died. Oh my gosh this black guy on CSI just called Horratio "homie" Ha ha ha! Well back to my dream. I was like what? A 17 year old girl having a heart attack? I was just bawling like a loser, I mean I grew up with the girl. I mean I am still growing up with her. ANyways. SO yeah then I was like who will be grad president? (which is dumb b/c Chris isn't even president, she's treasurer) And somehow I was and everything I did for grad was about Chris, like we had a slideshow all about her and stuff. It was weird. And then all day I was like "was that real? Is she dead?" Oh my gosh she just logged on MSN! So funny! I was like "BUT YOU"RE DEAD!" I should start a convo w/ her and be like "you're alive!" That might scare her tho. Anyhoo my eye is so itchy. And I need to sneeze.
I wish that I could play guitar. I watched "Josie and the Pussycats" today and now I want to play guitar and be in a band and be famous. I can write stuff, I just can't play it. I wish I could. Then I'd be all over, playing and singing for everyone. I mean I love performing. I feel the same way about it as Ash does about playing bball. Its like this huge rush where nothing else matters but that mircophone and the people in the audience. When they smile I feel like I've accomplished so much. I mean wanting the attention of a room, and getting it, and creating something beautiful all the same Thats why I love choir. Meeting all these AMAZING and beautiful people, and bonding through something so magical and beautiful is so amazing! I just love it. Nothing feels like it. And its not even thinking, its just...feeling. Wow. Nothing can describe it. I wish I was famous, that'd be fun. LOL anyhoo my parents are home, so off I go! Toodles.

Brr its cold in here...

There must be some JANNA in the atmosphere!
Okay so I'm at work doing math and FREEZING my butt off! It is seriously SO COLD! Just sipping a C-Plus and sucking on a Caramilk square (there, that enough product placement for you?) and blowing on my hands every five seconds because they are so cold that I want to die. Anyhoo...Don hasn't gotten back yet and linear equations were getting slight monotonous so I thought I'd make a dumb post. Anyhoo yeah. So yeah, I'm gonna go. I want to go home and watch some girl movie, like A Walk to Remember or Get Over It or Bring it On or something. I totally make a Bring it On reference every day, its just silly. I wish we had The Matrix at home, I haven't seen it in like 3 years. CRAZY! I used to watch it everyday. Ash and Kristin and I would try to learn the fight scenes...we were such losers! Ok so before I humiliate everyone I know I'll get back to linear equations.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year

Okay so I've decided that I really like not having braces. Its so much nicer. Even the retainers aren't so bad. Seriously, they're kinda cool, except I talk like I'm wearing dentures. Its interesting anyhow. I am SO TIRED! Too many late nights in a row. Like there was New Year's on Friday night. I was up until 5 am with Henk, Brynne, Brion and my family watching the Rundown (funniest awesomest movie of all time!), King Arthur (whoo a stinker!), and Mean Girls (thoroughly enjoyable). It was fun, there was way too much good food, and yeah it was good. Henk and Brion left around 4:00, and then Brynne and I stayed up talking and watching stupid infomertials. It was totally fun. I had fun. LOL I repeat myself way too often! And Henk ditched his truck at Brion's house, what a tool! I laughed. Yay I have another website with a guestbook, SIGN IT! It's
Whee! I'm a loser. Have a lovely day, everyone.
Oh by the by last night we watched Secret Window, it was AWESOME! Seriously best movie ever. Johnny Depp is amazing. Then we watched Chasing Liberty today, which I also enjoy, when the agents hook up and the guy in that movie is is hot! Yikes!