Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day at Outtatown!

Oh my gosh, what a whirlwind of a day! Got to Winnipeg by 11:30, ate at Mickey D's and got to campus by 12:20. Ash and I were first to register and got our student loans figured out. Then we waited outside for the group photo, which was fun. I had an individual photo, worshiped with every other site (1 & 2) and then headed out to the lawn. Ash and I met Carmyn and said goodbye to our families before jumping in the van. The van ride here was so much fun, Ash and I were in a van full of fun people. There's this guy named Zack who's really funny and great at breaking ice. We sang Black Eyed Peas and Blink 182 on the way here. Then there's this funny girl named Sarah who totally has no fear of talking to new people. I sat with her and Zack, Ash, Carmyn and Leanne at supper and we talked about scars and times we've wounded ourselves. It was totally hilarious and totally fun! After supper we played games outside, just silly fun stuff (most people got winded really easily and we decided to call it "Outtashape" instead of Outtatown). It was fun, but the bugs got bad so we went inside and sat in circle and introduced ourselves to eachother, it was cool. I'm sharing a room with a girl named Alison, and sharing a bathroom with Mae, Nashley, and Janice. They're nice, Nashley is cool and she worked at Madge Lake Bible camp where Cass used to go! I'm having so much fun, the people here are awesome! I'll write a better post later, but its snack time (by the way supper was totally good). Tomorrow breakfast is at 8:30 and classes at 9:00. We have our first speaker tomorrow! I'm excited! We also have "alone time" which will be cool, its just time to spend alone with God. I'm totally pumped. The site leaders rock, I love Charlene (who's like 4'9") and just meeting all these new people! Anyhoo, I'd better go, I love you all!!!!
Janna :)