Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my top 5.

my experience yesterday with the funniest video i have ever seen has inspired to me to post my top 5 favorite youtube videos of the moment, and why i love them so much! dedicated to my dad, the biggest youtube fan i know. so lets get down to business!

Honorable Mention - Oh Don Piano!

This oldie of the talking cat is so hilarious that I cannot watch it without laughing. Poor thing is sick or scared, but he makes some hilarious sounds! WHY I EYES YA! Love it.
Ok but here we go:

#5 - When Elephants Retire.
This video makes me teary every time - its so sweet! When the elephant has her head against the gate and she's just sitting there looking sad...aww. What a nice video!

#4 - Single Ladies Devastation.

Terrell found this, and I think its so funny and adorable. I love the kids reaction and the way the dad ends the video is priceless!

#3 - Sam Tsui - Summer Pop Medley.
Sam Tsui singing a sick arrangement of every song that was popular this spring = AWESOME. He is so talented and really I could listen to him sing anything.
I think I should be offended, but its WAY too funny to be! Between the OMGs and the hun cal fro yos, I am too busy laughing to care! And the gust of wind thing always gets to me!

...and finally...the number 1 video is....

Okay, so Jess showed this to me last night...I have not laughed this hard in a long time. I actually had the same reactions as the guy in the video. I laughed, I cried, at one point I sobbed, "make it stop! Its too much!" right when he also declared it to be too much. Basically only watch this if you are in a giddy mood or else it won't be nearly as hilarious. But I can't even think about it without laughing my head off. And yes, apparently he was sober when this video was filmed!

Bonus! Double Rainbow Autotune song! Its so catchy! Its been in my head all day!!

I hope you enjoyed my video selection! Tell me yours!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

no greater love have i ever known.

this song just gets me and makes me weep. terrell and i asked katie and glenn to sing it at our wedding and i am so glad they did. to me this song blows my mind because it describes my relationship with God and my relationship with terrell. i love the picture it paints of just being at rest in God's presence. it reminds me of those times that terrell and i are just together, enjoying each other's company, and knowing that God is a part of that too. i am always so astounded that God not only loves me, but considers me to be his friend, too. if i think of him as a friend, and not just as something i can't see, i find it so much easier to imagine trusting him, spending time with him, and confiding in him. i just love this song.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


this weekend terrell and i are flying out to ontario to see his family and friends, as well as have a second wedding reception! i get to wear my dress again, we get to hear some speeches again, and we get to each cake and most likely receive presents again (like we need anything else!).

it will be nice to re-live our wedding, even though we won't know as many of the people who are there (it will mostly be terrell's parents' friends and church people) it will still be great. and luckily for me, i will have some family there! kristin and tyler are stopping in on their drive home so they will be there to celebrate with us. and, perhaps the most surprising of all, MY MOM is coming!! she is flying out with us tomorrow morning and driving back with my siblings. crazy! i am really excited that it all worked out! my mom has never flown before so it could be interesting! but she is a brave lady so i am sure all will be well.

so that's where i'll be for the next few days. have a great canada day!!