Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Billy Talent!

Billy Talent was AWESOME last night! Seriously, they were great! They had an awesome sound live, which was excellent. I still can't hear or speak.
Here are our thoughts after the show. Sorry about the F-Bomb! Totally Catcher in the Rye all over again. If you don't understand that, its okay.:)

I'll post more later. Gotta go to class!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Big 5-2!

I would just like to say a massive and love-filled
to my wonderful daddy...

...the best daddy in the world!
I love you and I wish I could be there with you today!
Have a great day!

Doesn't he look sweet...sleeping and looking like Yoda? Ha ha!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

lazy dayzy

another saturday at cmu...this has been the first one since i've gotten back that hasn't been insane.
of course that means that the 48 hours after that will be!
tomorrow i have choir, and then i get to watch curling (!!!) in a box (!!!) the final game of the canadian open (!!!). I might get to see david nedohin (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) depending on how well they play today - do it team ferbey!!
later that evening is ballroom dance and time with kirsten, and then monday is classes and then supper and BILLY TALENT!!
i have been looking forward to this since october, no lies. so i am pumped!
today has been LL - lazy and lonely. i showered, shaved my legs, vacuumed my room, and watched zoolander by myself.
yup, i'm cool.
i don't know where anyone is to chill with...terrell is watching curling all day and scott left for the evening, and brynne is busy.
so i guess i'll eat popcorn and read anabaptist beginnings.
mmm...salt and martin luther.
EDIT: I AM SEEING TEAM FERBEY TOMORROW! I could die of complete joy, a life dream coming true!! Oh my word, I am SO EXCITED!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friends and Team Ferbey!

So my computer has finally decided to let me post from it, so I thought I'd better cease the opportunity!!
Last night was fun. Lots of Outtatowners, 17 (exactly half) to be exact. We went out for supper at Applebees (which always makes me sick after) and then hung out in the alcove of the lounge, talking and reminiscing. It was sweet.
Then I talked with Scott and Terrell for a while until Terrell went to bed. Scott and I had both were having an 'emo' day so we stayed up talking and singing along to High School Musical and Kelly Clarkson. It was fun but I killed my already-sore throat. Jess, Landon and Jothom were a slight interruption which included snorting, crying, kissing and laughing. And many many photos. I laugh right now remembering...ha ha!
Anyhoo so we finally decided we should go to bed, and he walked me back to my res. I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, I think!
OH GUESS WHAT?!?! I am totally going to watch the final game of the Canadian Open! Terrell has free tickets so he, Zach, Baker and I are going! I almost cried when I found out, I am so excited! Dad, I could see like, Gushue Stoughton, or (squeal!) TEAM FERBEY. Yeah I am freaking out. Wow.
So thats all for today.

Monday, January 22, 2007

crazyawesome weekend

I thought last weekend was amazing, how does my life keep rocking even more?

I don't really know what to say about it, it will probably bore everyone who wasn't there. But it was AMAZING!

Terrell was gone all weekend so my best friends decided to keep me as busy as possible so I didn't miss him too much, LOL!

Thursday meant marks (I did good! And I got a C+ in bio! Whoo that was all I wanted!), choir, Marva Dawn, pool, Step Up with Justin, Scott and Brynne, talking, crying, emoting, dancing, and then ridiculous amounts talking until unGodly hours.

Friday was sleeping, showering, talking with Scott all afternoon, supper, High School Musical w/ Scott, almost watching curling until my ride fell through, snack, G smacked my butt accidentally, busing to the OC with Justin, Scott, Brynne and Rachel, freezing in line, running to the bus, freezing my feet, walking forever, getting lost, getting cold, getting checked out by people in drag, getting scared, being relieved and warm in the Empire, dancing, laughing, sweating, taxis, McDonalds, Get Over It, going to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday was sleeping, hanging with Scott and Blatz, pool, McDonalds with Scott, Brynne, Rachel and Mae, looking at Africa pictures, Nikela, curling, going to Zach's, Bogart, SNL, pictures, back to CMU, creme egg! talking through a movie while eating pizza with Tyler and Scott, falling alseep on Tyler's bed, going to bed.

Sunday was breakfast with Scott, African church (or choich if you will), dancing, clapping, exhaustion, African food, back to CMU, off to curling with Brynne and Mike, getting lost, laughing, watching Terrell and Zach win, coming back, eating ice cream, hanging out with Terrell, ballroom dance, more time with Terrell, snack, pool, hanging with Blatz high kicking in the hallway, snorting and nearly peeing my pants, and finally off to bed.

Welcome back, Monday. Off to supper with Terrell's grandparents tonight! And tomorrow is Terrell and my 10 month anniversary...crazy.

i was bad to my body this weekend...too much dairy! and mcdonalds...eww. and my first creme egg of 2007!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sweet Action

So today started off crappy...I woke up with something in my eye. Still haven't gotten it out yet, but it hurt like a mofo! So I spent all of Anabaptist Beginnings crying, finally leaving the room to dig around my eye in the bathroom. My prof came out looking for me and asked me if I was okay, so I had to explain and felt dumb!
After class was sweet though! I played badminton with Caryn, Terrell and Mae. It was SO FUN! And painful, who knew I had those muscles? I hope to play again (maybe every Tuesday and Thursday?). I was nervous cuz I haven't played since gym in like grade 10, but I wasn't terrible. It was a fun workout and I really enjoyed getting some agression out on the birdie - and Mae apparently. I hit her in the face with it when I smashed it like 3 times. She must think I have a personal vendetta against her. Really Mae, I love you!
Then choir and computer apps, my eye is still driving me crazy. Especially when I lay down and close it...sleeping should be an adventure.
Well off to the books and hopefully some eye drops. Baker you rock my socks!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I am Happy

okay so my blog won't let me post when i'm on my computer...any advice? right now i am on baker's, but its very annoying not being able to comment or anything when i want to...

Best weekend EVER!
Tootsie Roll Pops.
Glenn, Mike and It Is To Laugh.
Men In Kilts.
Spooning with Brynne.
Catching every bus.
New shirt.
Calling my mommy.
Ballroom dancing.
High School Musical.

Great people. (Justin, Baker, Megan, Terrell, Caryn, Scott, Mae)

Singing with Caryn.
Talking to Scott on MSN.
Going to bed
With a smile on my face.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Freedom Writers

So the movie Freedom Writers came out yesterday! I cannot wait to see it, it looks upsetting, moving and amazing. I am pumped! And so many other people want to see it too...I think we should all go together. When does it start playing in Winnipeg? Cause I wanna go!

Also I just watched the lastest episode of Degrassi and totally cried, I cannot believe that they killed off my favorite character JT! I was so upset, and it happened so ridiculously... it was very sad. I felt like a loser sitting here crying, ha ha.

Yesterday I missed my mommy alot. During class I looked at Sheila teaching and Megan learning and I wondered what it would be like to have my mom teach me a class. I think it would be cool and I really wanted to go to the front of the class and hug her because I really missed my mom. Now I feel sad again. I think I'll call home tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Bra, The Bad, and the Ugly

So last night was fun! Brynne came over with measuring tape and we measured and then went bra shopping. I found 2 that I liked, and one of them was only like $6.00! So that was sweet! And finally I have a bra that fits. Turns out I'm now a 36C, even though thats not what we measured at all. Stupid abnormal boobs! Sorry Terrell for all the bra posting, it will probably cease now that I have ones that fit!
Then Brynne and I went to see The Prestige in cheap seats. It was interesting...and very weird. The ending was astounding, pure cinematic genious! But as a whole I don't think I really liked the movie. It was about two horrible people who were obsessed with ruining each other's lives, so it wasn't the happiest story line at all. I didn't want either of them to win, they were so lame. Second movie I've seen in a while where one character's lives is all about secrets - this does not work! Especially in a relationship! So please converse, and don't lie, thats all I ask of you!
Then we came back and watched The Last Kiss with a bunch of people. Worst. Movie. Ever. Nothing about it was enjoyable for me, AT ALL. I was assaulted in every sense - my ears heard too many f-words, my eyes saw waaay too much sex and nudity, and my head was spinning in complete confusion of why someone felt the need to make this movie. If you like Zach Braff or Rachel Bilson and intend to keep it that way, do not see it! It was horrible, so many bad things happened and it was so dumb! The entire movie I had my hands in the air yelling, what the heck! I actually cried when it was over because it was very upsetting and unsettling for me. I mean in the movie his gf is pregnant, and then he cheats on her. Thats one of the worst things I can imagine. How alone would she feel? Oh, it was horrid. And I refuze to like it just because Zach Braff made it as well.
Afterwards Brynne and I talked a while in Megan's room and then tried on clothes in mine. I stayed up too late thinking. But yeah, it was a fun evening despite TLK and all of its horridness.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Srozhdestvom Kristovym!

Merry Ukranian Christmas, all!

I miss eating lots of Baba food like we usually do. Instead I ate old chicken fingers in CMU's caf. Oh, week in review!

Today was good. Productive. Fun! And some things that have been bugging me were discussed and somewhat resolved...I guess we'll see in time. Ballroom dancing was frustrating but fun. I found out that I like to/am a good lead. Thanks Ian for giving me that opportunity to show off my skills.
Then it was Dave and snack and now studying and bed. Good times!
EDIT: So I really need to go bra shopping...I've lost some weight and I think they've shrunk! Figures, that thats the first place you lose it...I am a little nervous to go through the ordeal again. Anyone remember this?