Friday, January 02, 2009

seven pounds.

so we saw 'seven pounds' today.
i can honestly say that it changed my outlook on life.
i know i sound incredibly dramatic, especially because i am going to talk about something that will most likely make me sound silly. but this movie affected me in a profound way and gave me an epiphany that i feel the need to share.
i have never filled out my organ donor card. call me superstitious, but i was pretty much convinced that the day i signed it i would die in a car accident. yes, laugh. but i just felt like signing meant it would happen sooner than later.
this movie has made me realize that if i do die, giving my organs mean that someone else lives. i know i sound stupid saying this because thats probably what everyone who is given a donor card thinks and already knows, but it really struck me just now. are there people that i love enough to die for? yes. if i do die, why not offer someone else the chance to live in my place?
you see i always avoided it because i think things like this, for example. i am heading back to winnipeg on sunday, and i am excited to see terrell. i think about how awful it would be to get in a car accident on the way there, with the last time i saw terrell being the last time i see him ever.
i realize that signing my donor card does not increase my chances. yet i almost felt like signing it was conceding to death.
i fully believe and understand now that it is not. and i feel that by signing my donor card, i am placing my trust in God, and not in superstition or fate. if i do die, which i am not hoping to do anytime soon, i feel assured that my death will have a purpose and that as a result of it, others will have a chance at life.
tonight at 10:10 pm, i signed my organ donor card.
i'm not afraid, and i'm not looking back.