Thursday, May 31, 2007

God is Good

i just got a job! yesterday, an hour after my interview. its 10 mins from my house, working at a dump/recycling centre. sounds fun eh? but its work, and its regular hours, monday - friday, and thats what i'm all about. the cool part is that there were two positions available, one for mowing and painting, and the other for the dump, and they offered this one but also working the other position for the next three weeks starting monday (!!) and then taking my other job in july. its a grant job, and the grant is only for 10 weeks of work, but they are offering me 3 extra weeks just because (God is awesome!). too good! and i discussed time off with them and they were cool about it, so i am taking three days off and going to see terrell! i booked my flights this afternoon. i leave in like 22 days. seriously, everything has just fallen into place so quickly, i am so excited and so happy. i am nervous about my new job, but excited to start working so quickly. basically, i love life!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

its all messed up but we're alive

so life is a crazy whirling thing.

but god is constant and that is good.

had a job interview on saturday and got a job at timmy ho's in brandon.

have another interview on tuesday for a job at home.

things could change a lot in the next 48 hours.

i might need to move. i might settle in.

went to eldin roth's funeral on saturday. it was very sad.

he was my dad's age. it made me grateful for all i have.

his wife...well it broke my heart. she will be hurting for awhile.

rode my bike to church today. in a skirt.

i love being at home just me and the rents. its fun.

i also love talking to terrell. even about nothing at all.

but i think i just love him in general. yeah thats most likely it.

christopher lee is 85 today. happy birthday saruman/count dooku.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is seriously amazing! Its the Gaither Vocal Band kickin it old school, Mark Lowry singing lead. Maybe the whole song isn't super interesting, but wait until you get to 3:32. My head almost exploded. That is some ridiculous, intense, arm wavingly moving harmony from three talented tenors. David Phelps, Michael English and Guy Penrod. Yikes!

Friday, May 18, 2007

what the...?

ok so i was just talking to brad at the play and he told me that HENK is coming home tomorrow! tomorrow!! why did i not know this? apparently he'll be here for nine days, which is ridiculously exceptionally exciting. i am pumped. but he's such a bum for not telling me. when i see him i will tell him he's a poo head, and thats a promise!
and i came home from the play just now and my parents have officially disappeared. i have no idea where they are, they left before me. i almost stayed for the after party because i was invited but i didn't feel like raining on their parade. hmm...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pie Day

Today I spent the afternoon at Bakes' house and we made pie!! It was so fun. I ate too much crap and feel a little ill though, and like I can't put off working out much longer. A routine must begin!
If you'd like to see today's events click here. That should work.
Still no update on jobs. I feel a little better about it today. Yesterday I felt like a loser, it was not a good day. It was good to have fun today though!
Think I'm gonna go for a walk now.
EDIT: What a horrible night for television!! Renee kicked off America's Next Top Model by the hideous wisping ghoul-witch that is Tyra Banks (seriously, you should've seen her! whoever told her that long, flat, gray hair extensions were a good idea should be slapped!) even after they told her that her video & pic were the best. What is the point of the challenges then? They obvisouly mean nothing. Plus they called her "puffy" and "wrinkley", which was so unnecessary. That left big lipped small brained Natalie in the final two, boo!! At least she didn't win, but still! And then Melinda gets kicked off American Idol. What is wrong with people?! Its nights like this that I feel like not watching television ever again. Except CSI: New York was great tonight. Wow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the end.

so tonight was the gilmore girls series finale - i really enjoyed it. it ended so happy and wonderfully, and wasn't super clich├ęd or anything. kinda reminded me of the everybody loves raymond finale in the sense that the show could've continued next season if it wanted to but was fine that it didn't.
i have had a headache for a week straight now - its getting really old! there are only so many drugs one can take!
i cannot wait until the provincial election is done! enough stupid commercials! since when did campaigning = insulting other candidates without any self promotion? its so childish, seeing all these old men make stupid commercials soley to insult one another. pathetic. call me old fashioned but that is so unsportsman-like. boo.
slowly everyone around me is becoming employed. is it my turn soon? i hope so.
my head is going to explode. have a great evening everyone.
EDIT: Alister McGrath is on The Hour right now discussing his new book, The Dawkins Delusion, and his body language is identical to Henk. It makes me happy and sad.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Interesting Life

I've been home for three weeks now, I think. Yeah that sounds about right. So, an update from my post two weeks ago.

Nothing much to report on:
Still no job.
Still not much to do.
Still missing Terrell.
I still officially hate flossing.
I still miss eating ice cream.
I still wish Brynne was working at home this summer.
Went to Brandon yesterday.
Its cold in my house.
I am alone for the day.

EDIT: Here are some pics of my hair post-pink dye. My streaks are carmel-y and pretty.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pink Haired Daddy

ok so last night i highlighted my hair (well kristin did it for me) and the dye was idiot proof, aka neon pink so you could tell what part of your hair you had streaked. so i was using pink bleach on my head, and my dad came in curiously. my dad has always had a weakness for blonde hair dye, and before you know it i'm piling neon pink goo on his head. next came the funniest photo shoot ever, and then the rinse - not only was his hair platinum blonde, but his scalp was still pink from the dye!! he looked a little like strawberry short cake. ha ha. it was pretty much amazing. here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

the side burns kill me.

eyes so blue and hair

this is going on the anniversary cake.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

cool song

here's a cool version of bon jovi song sung on american idol last week by blake lewis. i thought it was pretty sweet. apparently he could go tonight as every review i read said he was pretty bad last night. either way i thought this was a pretty sweet rendition of a popular song. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

pour your love down

We're worlds apart
The distance between us is just too great
Draw me close
Let me know You're near
The reason we sing is to bring down Your glory
Show us Your face
Pour Your love down
And cover me
Pour Your love down
And cover me
At Your feet I bow down and know that You are my King
The weight of life gets s w e p t away
The reason we sing is to bring down Your glory
Show us Your face
Show us Your face
Pour Your love down
And cover me
Pour Your love down
And cover me

In this moment I feel so alive
When You pour Your love down
Pour Your love down
And cover me
Pour Your love down
And cover me

Pour Your love down and cover me
Cover me with Your love
Pour Your love down and cover me