Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

To the king of farting humor...enjoy!! Love you, daddy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

better late than never.

oops! i missed writing an update last weekend!

we had kristin and tyler over on the weekend and terrell was curling in the mca, so it was a little hectic. when i did have the apartment to myself, i was prepping stuff for church.  i taught youth sunday school and did the children's story. for the children's story i read the book, "the runaway bunny," which i borrowed from glenn and katie. if you haven't read it, do. its a beautiful story about the love of a mother that parallels with the love that God has for us - one which pursues and persists, even when we run or push it away.

last week was a busy week. with sr. youth we served at winnipeg harvest, which was a fun evening. they are such a great group and it was wonderful to visit and laugh while bagging and sorting rice. we also went out for lunch as staff to celebrate/say goodbye to our lead minister, who is retiring next week. the meal was so yummy and my colleagues are a great group of people. its weird to think of james leaving our circle...we'll all miss him very much.

last weekend i wrote a card to my great aunt and uncle, ed and elaine, to thank them for their generous christmas gift. they gave us a bag full of carrots, potatoes and onions from peak of the market. they were DELICIOUS and we have been enjoying many yummy meals with them. i also wanted to let them know i missed seeing them at christmas.

i hope you've all had a good week!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

back at it

the difficult thing about blogging is finding the motivation to start again. i really have sucked at blogging for the  last like, 6? years. gah. but i felt a little motivated today so here i am!

sometimes i wonder if i should retire this blog and start a new one. maybe then i'd feel more inclined, with a fresh start and all that. but i LOVE this blog and all the memories it holds and so i find it really hard to do that.

something that might help me post updates is my new year's resolution for 2013 (which is not about blogging, actually). this year i have decided that i want to commit to writing a letter or card and mailing it every week. i really suck at keeping in touch with people and that really bothers me about myself. i have a LOT if people in my life who i love dearly and think about often who probably have no idea due to my friendship negligence. its pretty appalling. so here i am, trying to do a good thing - wish me luck!

i also used to have a passion for writing - journaling, blogging, letter writing - that i seem to have lost, and it makes me sad. ever since i had a spell of depression for a semester in my second year of university, i seem to have lost my interest and passion for writing. i feel like there is a void in my life, a "hobby" void, you could say, that writing used to fill. i feel like i'm so busy that i don't have many interests or things that i do for me, so i hope writing every week will bring back the enjoyment of it.

maybe if i commit to posting on here every week who i wrote to, that will help me get in the swing of blogging again. and it will be cool to have a record of who all i wrote to, so when the year is over i can see who i wrote to and how many times.

the first people on my list are people who i love very much but don't always have many opportunities to tell that to - my grandparents. their health has not been the best lately and its kinda shocked me into the reality that they won't be around forever, and i want them to know how important they are to me.

so, for week one (and a half, since the year started on a tuesday...awkward) i am sending a card to my baba and gigi, who recently had to put down their cat, and a letter to my 92 year old grandma, who is facing surgery for breast cancer within the next month.

until next time.

me and my baba and grandma, may long weekend 2012.