Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sam Tsui


this is seriously SICK. terrell showed me this and his version of "don't stop believin'" by journey today and i nearly lost it. he is amazing!! he has an incredible voice, and yes, that is him 6 times singing each of the 6 parts. his producer is the one beatboxing on the left.

so check this out - the michael jackson medley. i nearly died!

sunshine! comes the do do do....

cold weather is so much more bearable with sunshine! :)

my life is busy and hectic and that stresses me out sometimes.

when will i find time to get everything done??

but its also really good.

yesterday i was feeling inspired so i made a wedding binder!

it has all my receipts and important stuff like that in it. pretty sweet!

its blue and brown (like my wedding colors) and that makes me happy.

also, i am happy because i have been reconnecting more with old friends this year, like ashley and brynne. they have always been friends but i see them lots this year and its been just wonderful! it reminds me why we've been friends for so long. :)

i love coffee....mmm....

...and sunshine!